South Australia

Promoting the rights of people with disability, who require a companion, to fair ticketing at events and venues

Simon Story


Simon has been an Companion Card holder for more than five years. Simon, who is legally blind, was told about the Companion Card program by the Guide Dogs South Australia.

“My occupational therapist told me all about the card and how to get one.”

“Since getting a card, I can attend more shows and I can even share the ticket cost with my carer. I have more confidence knowing I can easily find venue facilities.”

“The card is fantastic and going out is so much easier for me. It’s good to be out with a companion so I can locate the box office and find the toilets. Having a card definitely makes going out with a companion more affordable and makes it easier to find a companion.”

Having a Companion Card means Simon can access hundreds of affiliates in South Australia including mainstream and arthouse movie cinemas, theatres, concert halls, sporting events and public transport.

“I think the card makes it easier to go out for a lot of people, and I am always telling people about it. I certainly appreciate the affiliates who choose to be on the Companion Card program and am grateful for their support.”

He was thrilled to see Nicholas Carter conducting the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra (ASO) to Wagner’s Ring Cycle in concert at the Adelaide Festival Theatre.

“I saw the ASO with new conductor, Nicholas Carter. Wagner’s Ring Cycle was wonderful and Beethoven’s Violin Concerto was also performed.”

Simon plans to attend more ASO concerts and plays by the State Theatre Company.

With over five hundred affiliate outlets in South Australia, the Companion Card program has most people’s needs covered when accessing ticketed services and events with a carer or companion.